Appointing Suppliers

When your company instructs other companies to carry out work on your claims, these are referred to in Claimable as "suppliers".

The Appointing Suppliers function allows you to record which companies are working on a given claim, making it easy to control their workload and manage claims accordingly.

Each claim can have one or more suppliers appointed to it, with no limit in number. Likewise, a supplier can be appointed to one or more claims. In order to simplify this process, Claimable provides you with a convenient overview of your available suppliers along with their current workload.

To further enhance your workflow, you can filter claims by appointed suppliers and export data for reporting, sharing and backup purposes.


  • Manage your supplier network and control their workload.
  • Make informed decisions about which supplier to appoint, with key metrics conveniently presented.
  • Ensure efficient collaboration with partners.
  • Delegate work and distribute responsibilities to optimise your claims process.
  • Run reports to assess supplier performance.