Claim Checklist

In order to settle a claim, actions need to be carried out and various tasks performed.

The Claim Checklist – which is available on every claim – is a place for you to keep track of these tasks and has been designed to optimise the productivity of your team. It functions as a to-do list, giving you an overview of the tasks required for each claim, along with labels, the due date, the assigned person and the action required.

Tasks can also be viewed across all claims and easily categorised via the use of labels and filters, enabling you to manage your team workload and run reports. You can also get reminded when tasks are due via the Claimable Daily - your personalised agenda for each day!

In addition, you get an at-a-glance overview of the overall claim completion with a progress bar that is shown alongside the claim, so you can focus on claims needing the most attention.


  • Keep track of all todos for each claim, in one place.
  • Check off items from the list and see immediate progress.
  • Never forget important tasks and get reminded when tasks are due!
  • Delegate workload to your teammates.
  • Report and filter on tasks to better manage your workflow.
  • Categorise tasks by applying labels.
  • Monitor claims progress.
  • Drive your business processes with repeating tasks.