Would you rather settle claims or do paperwork?

Claimable is claims management software for businesses that removes the headache of managing insurance claims.

Settle More Claims

Increase your claims handling capacity by spending less time on admin.

Go Paperless

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere. No more paper!

Organise Your Data

Stop searching shared folders and inboxes. Your claims data is just a few clicks away!

Stay Compliant

Be ready for an audit with a complete history of each claim at your fingertips.

We help your team spend more time settling claims and less time doing admin!



Unlimited File Storage

Keep track of your documents and access them whenever and wherever you need!


Filter and report on your claims data, to drive productivity and stay informed.


Label your claims to categorise and organise them to suit your workflow.


Keep detailed notes on each claim and collaborate and share with your team.


Assign tasks to your team and see at a glance which are due or completed.


Build and manage your claims contact database, and find contacts in an instant.

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