Would you rather settle claims or do paperwork?

Claimable removes the headache of managing insurance claims for companies.

Settle More Claims

Increase your claims handling capacity by spending less time on admin.

Go Paperless

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere. No more paper!

Impress Your Clients

Your clients can track progress themselves, access their data and view key reports.

Stay Compliant

Be ready for an audit with a complete history of each claim at your fingertips.

We help your team spend more time settling claims and less time doing admin!


Unlimited File Storage

There is no limit to the number of files you can store safely in Claimable.

Powerful Workflow Rules

Optimise your claims process with flexible workflow rules to intelligently automate your operations.


Extract meaningful reports so you can make informed decisions and monitor your KPIs.

Public Claim Tracking Page

All your claimants can track their claims online, reducing the load on your customer support team.

Send Emails & Letters

Send manual and automated emails, and generate letters from within Claimable.

External User Access

Invite your clients and suppliers to access their claims and reports.

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