Claimable Ltd. is based in the heart of London's Tech City and was founded in 2009, to create simple, affordable insurance software that delivers tangible value to our customers.

Mission Statement

To change perceptions of insurance through technology and provide tangible business benefits to our customers, who we strive to build long-term relationships with.

We pride ourselves on making simple, affordable claims management software. We've had enough of the insurance industry lagging behind in the technology front, with often expensive, complicated and bloated software.

At Claimable, we believe that details matter, and our software has been carefully crafted to provide the tools necessary for timely and efficient claims management.

We are passionate about improving the end experience for claimants, while simplifying the whole process for our users. The Claimable product provides a set of modern, elegant tools that stay out of your way, enabling you to settle more claims!

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