Lorega are a Lloyd’s MGA selling a range of insurance products which provide the policyholder with an independent Chartered Loss Adjuster, in the event of a claim.

Insurance claims can be both complex and time consuming. Getting a claim settled is about knowing what to do and having the right information to give the insurance company. Lorega’s chartered loss adjusters specialise in this and provide practical advice to help reduce the impact of a loss. They organise remedial work, obtain replacement goods and help to settle claims quickly.

Settling claims quickly and smoothly

Lorega use Claimable Enterprise to greatly enhance their claims workflow and to facilitate the swift and efficient settlement of claims all over the UK. This includes document storage, organisation of emails, automatic customer correspondence, KPI monitoring and the capturing of customer satisfaction ratings.

Using Claimable has allowed Lorega to significantly increase their claims handling capacity, and to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Lorega’s customers repeatedly praise the speed with which their claims get settled and the proactive approach to communication.

A long-term partnership

Lorega and Claimable work together to continually enhance Lorega’s implementation of Claimable Enterprise, the flexibility of which is allowing Lorega to support a growing number of insurance products, and handle ever-increasing volume, with the same human resources.

The Claimable system has helped us to provide a highly professional claims service for our clients and represents a significant advantage in terms of our operational efficiency.

Andy Mintern, Lorega, Director

UK and Global Insurance Brokers

Claimable is, in our opinion, the UK’s premier web-based claims facility.

James Garratt, UK and Global, Managing Director

UK and Global are providers of independent insurance brokering and risk management services to clients operating in the UK and with international operations. They are based in the Lloyd’s of London building at the very heart of the global insurance market with access to all insurers and underwriters.

How do you use Claimable within your company?

We use Claimable as a way of delivering added value to our clients on a daily basis. It is a facility which is now a fundamental aspect of our client offering.

How does Claimable benefit your company?

Bringing Claimable to our clients differentiates us from 99% of our competitors.

Claimable provides us with the following benefits:

  • It enables our clients to access their own claims data at a time of their choosing.
  • It reduces our clients’, and our own, administration time and costs.
  • It is a significantly more efficient platform from which to deliver our claims service.

Has Claimable helped your company overcome any problems you were facing?

Claimable has improved all aspects of our claims administration including the following:

  • Up to date claims figures are available at all times instead of having to wait for insurers to provide them.
  • The diary system is excellent, enabling easier monitoring of outstanding claims.
  • The fact that Claimable is web-based fits perfectly with our clients’ preferences and requirements.