CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Every claim has one or more individuals involved and, to deliver a positive customer experience, efficient and meaningful communication with them is vital.

Claimable's CRM capabilities help you keep track of everyone involved in a claim, along with the role they play and any liability assigned to them.

By building and maintaining a contact profile, directly within Claimable, your team will have all the information to hand in order to deliver a positive and personalised customer experience.


  • Build and manage your database of contacts.
  • Quickly retrieve any contact information for everyone linked to a claim.
  • Specify the role of each contact to reflect their involvement in the claim.
  • Track your contacts’ claim history to help identify repeat claimants and potential fraud.
  • Label contacts to categorise them accordingly to your operational needs.
  • Create customer profiles to better segment your target market.
  • Add Notes to enrich your customers’ profiles with extra information.