Loss Adjusters

Life as a loss adjuster can be extremely rewarding but doesn’t come without it’s pressures or challenges. You play an absolutely integral part in the life-cycle of an insurance claim, whether that’s by helping with the needs of your client or protecting the interests of the insurer.

At Claimable we recognise the challenges you’ll face as a loss adjuster, whether its validating a claim, surveying and assessing damage, preparing reports, organising salvage work, or negotiating and disputing claims.

We’ve crafted a powerful set of tools designed to aid and assist a loss adjuster with their claims operations. Claimable provides you with a platform to store all the necessary information integral to the claim itself, whether it’s documents, damages, emails, or task management we’ve got your back!

Furthermore, you’ll be able to seamlessly create reserves, record payments and invoices. You can even use our external user portal to invite your clients and suppliers to the platform, helping keep everyone in the loop.

Key Benefits

  • Centralise all of your claims data and store it securely in the cloud.
  • Communicate with your team members and partners directly from within the app.
  • Specify damages and injuries to create an overview of the loss.
  • Upload files and photos to provide a holistic overview of the entire claim damage, to help move claims along efficiently.