Construction And Property Repair

When accidents occur, your customers are inevitably under a great deal of stress. What if you could help alleviate some of that worry by settling their claim quicker than ever before?

Well, with Claimable you can! We’ve crafted a platform which allows you to easily store, record, and act on all of your information from a centralised location. Meaning your team can easily get a full overview of your claims to help move them along swiftly and efficiently.

Claimable allows you to communicate effectively with your customers all from within the app.

We know that, with claims, also comes heaps of paperwork! Not to worry, as we offer unlimited document storage allowing you to store everything securely in the cloud and finally go paperless! All of our features are designed to enhance your workflow and reduce the time spent settling claims, meaning you can focus on doing what you do best!

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited document and image storage to give a clear overview of the claim.
  • Keep all your contacts organised in our directory and distribute access to your claims network.
  • Ensure a speedy claims settling process and reduce the administrative burden on your team.