Simple online claims management.

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    Store and manage
    your claims from anywhere.

    Track progress, store files, assign tasks, monitor performance, create reports, share with clients...

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    Store documents and photos securely online.

    Keep photos, estimates, policy documents and any important files in one easy-to-find place.

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    Search and report
    on your claims.

    Filter your data with powerful search tools and produce meaningful, precise management reports.

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    Keep track of tasks with reminders and notes.

    Stay on top of your workflow, add notes to claims and communicate with your team.

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    View a detailed audit trail
    of all activity.

    See a complete history of each claim, providing an audit trail for you and your clients.

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Simple. Elegant. Powerful.

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Why Should I Use Claimable?

Because you or your company is involved with insurance claims and wants to better manage them without using expensive, complicated software.

Claimable is designed to stay out of your way, while providing the necessary tools to get the job done. There is no minimum commitment and you can sign up for free to get started right away!

As a user of Claimable you will benefit from:

  • Global access. Being web-based you can log in to Claimable from anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Regular updates. Claimable constantly evolves with new features and upgrades.
  • No complicated installation, just sign up and start using it immediately.
  • Staying informed with helpful alerts and reminders.
  • Delegating your workload. Let your suppliers and clients access Claimable to directly access their claims.
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The Latest From Our Blog

We Can Now Accept Credit Card Payments In US Dollars!

As part of our ongoing expansion into the US market, we can now bill customers who pay with credit card directly in US Dollars, rather than in British Pounds.

This means our customers will be charged an amount consistent with our US pricing without being subject to exchange rate fluctuations, and their credit card statements will reflect this.

We are very excited by this development, which signals our growing presence in the US as we continue our international expansion.